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Scholarship Appreciation Letter from Student

Dear Mr. Jones and Esteemed Members of the Board of Directors of ABC Industries,

My name is Jack L. Carter, III and I am the son of Jack L. Carter, Jr. who is a supervising mechanical engineer in the Product Development Division of ABC Industries. I am the 2014 recipient of the ABC Industries Mechanical Engineering Scholarship and I want to thank you for awarding me this scholarship and for the doors it has opened up for me.

With this generous scholarship funding I am now able to attend the prestigious XYZ Engineering Institute which I otherwise would not have been able to attend due to the fact that my family and I would not have been able to afford the high tuition costs. Your scholarship has bridged the gap between what my parents and I could afford to pay and the actual cost of a stellar XYZ Engineering Institute education.

My ultimate goal is to follow in my father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and have a successful career as a mechanical engineer at ABC Industries. Your generous scholarship funding is starting me on my way to reaching that goal as I begin my college journey this fall as a freshman at XYZEngineering Institute. I will keep you apprised of my grades and progress in college.

It is my intention to apply for one of the ABC Industries summer internships as well, and if accepted I hope to gain a great deal of knowledge about the inner workings of the company. Again I thank you for the tremendous educational opportunity you have provided for me with your generous academic scholarship. I promise you that I will work very hard to excel and prove myself worthy of the scholarship.


Jack Carter

Jack L. Carter, III