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30 Day Rental Termination Letter

A 30-day rental agreement specifies that either party may terminate the rental arrangement as long as the required 30-day notice is given. A letter sent by certified mail with return receipt requested is a good way to prove the termination notice was sent and received in time to allow for the 30-day notification window.

Format and Content

This type of termination letter is usually brief and contains your statement to terminate the agreement and the effective date of termination. Unless you have a specific motive for doing so, providing a reason for terminating the agreement is not necessary. For clarification, the letter should note how and when the rented items will be returned to their rightful owner.


This sample letter is written by a business owner who no longer wishes to do business with a supplier. The owner writes the letter 5 days in advance to make sure it is received by the other party before the start of the required 30-day notice period. The owner is unhappy with the quality of services provided by supplier. Although not required, she takes the time to put her concerns in writing as a professional business courtesy.

Dear Miss Ingles:

This letter is to inform you that, effective October 1, 2013, I am terminating the rental agreement for the inflatable play equipment provided by your company. This includes all of the slides and bounce houses in our indoor facilities and the outdoor playground areas. As per the terms of our contract, I may cancel this agreement at any time, for any reason, with a 30-day written notice.

Although I am not required to give you a reason for my decision to cancel our rental agreement, I feel that it is in your company’s best interest to do so. Our agreement includes the weekly maintenance of all rented equipment, with the maintenance provided by your company. True to the contract, your service personnel reported to my company on a weekly basis to inspect the equipment. However, repairs were made only when they were specifically requested. Further, your service crew did not notify me of potential problems with the equipment.

I have documented evidence that shows that within days of each service call we experienced the failure of one or more of the inflatables. On each occasion, we were forced to pay $75 for an unscheduled service call as well as $50 an hour for the repair work. I complained of this to you on several occasions. Instead of addressing my concerns directly, you offered to upgrade the equipment at a substantially higher rental rate than the one we are now paying.

I realize that inflatable playground equipment is more fragile than fixed equipment constructed of wood or plastic. However, I have conducted extensive research and learned that these playground units are made of highly durable materials and that the failure rate we are experiencing is unacceptable according to industry standards. Since I have not been able to receive satisfaction for my concerns through your company, I have decided to use other suppliers.

Please call me at (555)-555-5555 to schedule a time to pick up the equipment that is convenient for us both. I would like the property removed on September 29, 2013.


Marilyn Hinshaw

Ms. Marilyn Hinshaw

Mary’s Playground