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Acceptance of Resignation Letter

An acceptance of resignation letter can serve several purposes. It can be used, not only to acknowledge and accept the resignation, but thank an employee for years of service, provide instruction about using remaining vacation time, moving retirement funds and participating in an exit interview with the Human Resources Department.


This sample acceptance of resignation letter is for an employee leaving a company on good terms to take management position at another company in a neighboring state. The employee’s manager is expressing appreciation for years of service and directing the employee to schedule an appointment with the Human Resources Department soon.

Dear Mr. Taylor:

It is with regret that I acknowledge and accept your letter of resignation on this 15th day of April 2013 as a supervisor in the Marketing Strategies Department of XYZ Industries, LLC. I appreciate the work you have done over the past 5 years in this department. Your contributions and dedication to excellence have helped the company realize tremendous success and grow to be a leader in the industry. You will be missed by both staff and management. I know that you will continue to perform to your usual high standards for the remainder of your time at XYZ Industries.

Please contact Susan Johnson in the Human Resources Department by phone or email to schedule an exit interview, preferably on your last day. At this time you will need to surrender your employee badge, office keys, any files you have at home and any other pertinent items. Susan will be able to provide complete instructions. She will also conduct a brief interview regarding your time at XYZ Industries and your reasons for leaving. Susan will provide a letter of recommendation for your future employer. Please read the letter carefully and if you find any portion of it to be unsatisfactory Susan will work with you to make the letter acceptable.

Your exit interview will also cover your employee benefits package, any unpaid sick time, personal time and vacation time you have earned, your health insurance coverage and your 401-K contributions and retirement package. In regards to health insurance, Susan will verify your effective coverage termination date with XYZ Industries and explain how you may obtain continued temporary health insurance coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA). You will need to instruct Susan as to how you would like your 401-K account to be handled at the time of the exit interview. She will have your final pay check ready including any pay for vacation and other leave time.

It has been a pleasure serving as your Department Director these last 5 years, and I know that you have a bright future in marketing. I will be happy to provide a personal reference should you need one and you can feel free to give your new employer my phone number and email address. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Allen Wilson

Allen C. Wilson


Marketing Strategies Department

XYZ Industries, LLC