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Apology Letter for Bad Service

When you have a company that works in the service industry, good service is your number one priority. Sometimes a client or customer may experience bad service. When this happens, sending an apology letter for bad service will help to appease the customer. You want to make sure that customers have overall good experiences with your company so that they will continue to recommend you to others. Otherwise, you may just lose the good reputation you have worked so hard to have. One bad review can counter all the great reviews your company has received.

Format and Content

The apology letter for bad service format should be formal with three main paragraphs. The content should include your apology, a short reference to what occurred, what you plan to do to resolve the situation, and how much you appreciate the customer’s patronage. You want to ensure that the letter is personalized, showing that you truly care about the customer and the bad service he or she received. Otherwise, the customer will feel it is a form letter and disregard it.


At Fashion for You, they rank customer service as one of the most important aspects of the job. One day, one of the employees, Mandy, treated a customer poorly. After receiving such bad service, the customer told a manager. This apology letter for bad service sample was sent to the customer as a token of recompense for the trouble she had at the store.

Dear Ms. Founders,

I wanted to apologize to you for the bad service you received the other day when you visited Fashion for You. I am appalled by Mandy’s treatment of you as a customer. We strongly believe that the customer comes first and that customer service is vital, so it saddened me when you told me that Mandy treated you with such bad service.

I have spoken with Mandy and put her on probation to make sure it never happens again. I have also set up a mandatory staff meeting next week to discuss our customer policies in detail, in case anyone else has forgotten. There is no excuse for the way you were treated in our store, and I am truly sorry. I hope that you will not let that stop you from coming back. I have included a 25 percent off coupon with this letter as a token of my apology. I hope you will accept it and come and visit our store again.

Anytime you return to our store, you can ask for me and I will help you personally. There is a lot of great clothing and accessories at our store I think you will appreciate. Please take the time to come back to our store and see the great service we typically have. I hope we can make you forget the bad service you received the other day.


Philomena Johnson

Philomena Johnson