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Apology Letter for Mistake at Work

‘To err is human’ as Alexander Pope said. Mistakes happen, even to the best workers. When it happens to you, an apology letter for mistake at work will go a long way to help you save face and redeem yourself. Fixing a mistake is the most important way to atone for the problems caused; however, an apology letter goes the extra mile to show that you admit your mistake and plan to make sure it does not happen again. Many employers appreciate when employees go the extra mile after having erred.

Format and Content

Apology letters are formal pieces of writing that should include content detailing your mistakes, your actions for fixing the problems caused by the mistake, and how you will proceed in the future to prevent reoccurrences of the error. The apology letter for mistake at work format should begin with your sincere and heartfelt apology. Then, you should detail the mistake and ensuing problems. Finally, you should emphasize your actions for fixing everything, along with your plan for preventing a repeat blunder.


When Francine, who worked at a popular theater, mailed out tickets to the wrong customer, she caused a very big problem for the customers and her managers. In this apology letter for mistake at work sample, you can see how she wrote to her manager to atone for her errors. She kept it simple, yet honest and from the heart. This letter helped soothe her manager’s anger, along with helping her keep her job.

Dear Mr. Wallace,

Words cannot express how sorry I am for mixing up the tickets to Mr. Brown and Mrs. Carpenter. My mistake caused many problems for you and the other supervisors. It was such a careless misstep that never should have happened. I apologize for all of the problems, and I hope to be able to atone for my mistake.

One of the most important aspects of our job is to be vigilant and ensure that the tickets go to the right person. My attention faltered, causing me to do something that turned into a much bigger problem. As soon as I realized the mistake, I talked with a supervisor to see how I could take action to fix it. I have tried my best to solve the problem.

I also will make sure in the future never to repeat this error. I will be extra cautious when mailing the tickets. I will also not let my attention wander again, so that I will not have another careless mistake on my record. I really love my job here at the Playhouse, and I want to continue working here. Although I cannot take back my actions, I hope that this letter and my retributions will help to fix the problems I have caused.


Francine Lewis