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Apology Letter for Missing Interview

An apology letter for missing interview is sent when you have missed an interview. Typically, these letters are sent after not attending an interview when you are applying for a job, but they could also be when you are interviewing to get into school or any other applicable situation. You should always send an apology letter, as it shows you have good character and may help to counter the harm caused by missing the interview, depending on the situation.

Form and Content

The apology letter for missing interview format follows a formal letter. The content should include both the scheduled meeting time and what the interview was for. Additionally, you should include a sincere apology and the reason for missing the interview. However, you should not go too far in depth into the excuse, or you will sound like you are trying to overcompensate. You can also end it by asking for another interview, if you feel it is appropriate.


The following apology letter for missing interview sample was written by a prospective employee at a reputable marketing firm. On her way to the interview, she became stuck in stop dead traffic due to an accident in the road. She was unable to get a hold of the interviewer prior to the missed appointment.

Dear Mrs. Balding,

I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for missing our interview last week. I know we were scheduled to meet at 2pm on Friday, January 14. Although I left with plenty of time to reach your offices, I was unexpectedly delayed. There was an accident on the road that brought the traffic to a complete stop for a half an hour. I attempted to get a hold of you over the phone to no avail. By the time I reached your office, you were unable to see me. I understand that it is my fault for missing the interview and that your time is precious. I do apologize again for the inconvenience it may have caused you.

Although I understand that my missing the interview has weakened my prospects at your company, I hope to be able to overcome this set back and still be considered for the position. I know I am a strong candidate that would fit in perfectly with your company. I really like your company and have high hopes of becoming an employee. I have included another copy of my resume with this letter, and I hope that you will still consider my application and rearrange the interview. However, I understand if that is not the case.

I will call you later this week to reschedule the interview, and I hope that will be acceptable to you. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you again and meeting with you.

Thank you,

Sally Wilde