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Apology Letter to Boss for Poor Performance

There are times for everyone when performance levels start to drop. You could be stressed, tired, ill, or even misunderstood the task at hand. Whatever the cause, when your work has become problematic, you might want to send an apology letter to boss for poor performance. A sincere apology can help you regain some ground with your boss, helping you to keep your job.

Format and Content

When you write your letter of apology, you want to be sure to include some important information. In the letter’s content, you should provide a truly heartfelt apology. You can include some explanation as to why your work has begun to falter; however, you do not want to spend too much time on this. You should spend most of the letter admitting your mistake and explaining how you plan to fix it and ensure it will not happen again. The apology letter to boss for poor performance format should include a place for asking forgiveness, a place for explanation, and most importantly, a place for your plan of retribution.


When an employee at a premium wedding planner firm was going through a divorce, her work performance began to falter. She kept missing deadlines and lost a few clients, losing the firm money. She sent this apology letter to boss for poor performance sample in order to explain her situation and ask forgiveness for her mistakes. It helped her to keep her job, for which she eventually was given a promotion.

Dear Mr. Lewis,

I would like to send you my sincerest apologies for my work these last few weeks. I have continually missed my deadlines, forgot to book venues, and have lost a few clients. I know that my actions and poor performance has lost the company money, as well as hurting our reputation and image. Although I understand that my actions were my own, I want to offer an explanation. This is not an excuse; I just feel you should know why my work has suffered.

A few weeks ago, my husband of 10 years left me unexpectedly. It has been a very hard time for me, especially when I have had to plan other people’s weddings. I understand that it is unprofessional to let my private life negatively affect my job, and I will not let it happen again. I have already sent letters to the clients for whom my work was poor to apologize. A couple clients have come back to us.

I really love the work that I do, and I love Elegant Wedding Planners. I know that the business is busy and that I cannot let my work falter again. I am taking every action necessary to ensure that I do not repeat this poor performance again. Please accept my apologies for the past few weeks.

Thank you,

Julia Fitzgibbons