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Apology Letter to Customer

Customers are a vital part of business. If you do anything to make a customer angry, not only will you lose that customer, you may end up losing more in the future through word of mouth. Whenever there is a problem, an apology letter to customer will be greatly appreciated. It may help the customer to continue using your company’s products or services, depending on the situation. Regardless, it will at least help heal some of the problems and hopefully not cause as much damage.

Format and Content

Whenever you write to a customer, you should write formally and respectfully, regardless of your business type. The apology letter to customer format should include a section detailing the problem, especially if the customer has come to you with complaints. Then, it should demonstrate how you are working on fixing the problem. Finally, you should show how you will make sure it never happens again. Other content can include a desire for the customer to continue to patronize your company or even provide a product sample or offer for his or her distress.


In this apology letter to customer sample, a customer service manager is writing to a customer after a shipping error caused the wrong item to arrive. The customer had called to complain once the error was noticed. The first time the matter was discussed, it was not thoroughly resolved, making the customer further distressed. The manager is offering some additional services to help appease the customer after these problems.

Dear Mrs. James,

I would like to apologize profusely on behalf of A to Z Products and myself for the problems you have experienced with our company. First, I am so sorry that there was a problem with your initial order. We should never have sent you the wrong item. I know how important it is that you receive the correct order on time. Furthermore, I am ashamed at how my customer service representative handled your case.

I have taken a few actions to resolve this situation. First, I have sent you your correct order with expedited shipping, so you should receive it tomorrow. Secondly, I have credited you with a 20 percent refund of your order for your difficulty. I know this is a small token, but I hope that you will appreciate the gesture. I have also taken pains to figure out how your initial order was messed up and fix it so that it will never happen again. I have also punished the customer service representative for his mishandling of your situation.

Again, I would like to apologize for everything that happened. I hope that you will not take this as the way we normally do business here at A to Z Products and will shop with us at another time. If you ever have any problems with our company again, please contact me directly.


Amos Neely