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Apology Letter to Manager

When you have caused a problem at work, an apology letter to manager is one of the first steps you should take to amend the situation. Your manager is often the middleman between you and the executives. When you have made a mistake, often your manager will also be held accountable. A letter expressing your regrets and willingness to fix everything will help you retain a strong relationship with your manager. You want to retain your manager as your friend and support to ensure your position at work remains solid and enjoyable.

Format and Content

Apology letters are formal affairs, especially when writing to your superiors. The apology letter to manager format should be simple yet cover all the basics, while following a formal letter style. Itshould be written in apologetic language. The contents should detail any plans you have for solving the situation at hand. Furthermore, you should take full responsibility for your actions. Your manager will also want to hear how you plan to ensure there will never be a repeat of thesituation.


After an employee at a marketing firm mixed up the files between two important clients causing the pitches with the clients to be a complete fiasco, her manager was in trouble with the executives. In order to help the situation, she sent this apology letter to manager. With this letter, she was able to help fix the problems caused, as well as heal the relationship between her and her manager, as well as betweenher manager and the executives.

Dear Mr. Willmore,

I want to apologize for my actions that caused problems for you. I know that mixing up the files between the two clients really hurt the company’s business. Through my actions, two very important marketing pitches were messed up. I know that you bore the brunt of the mistake from the executives. I am so sorry that my mistake has not only caused problems for the company, but for your personally.

I want to take full responsibility for my actions. I hope to be able to fix my mistake and make sure that you do not suffer any longer for my errors. Additionally, I will make every effort possible to never repeat the mistake. It was such a careless mistake that should never have happened.

I respect you highly, Mr. Willmore, as my manager. You do an amazing job, and I feel I am learning so much from you. I also enjoy the work environment you have created for our sales team. It makes working at Extreme Marketing fun and engaging. I could not imagine working anywhere else. I hope that my actions will not damage our working relationship or the great work our team does. Thank you for all the work you do as manager.


Sally Wainwright