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Business Appreciation Letter

A business appreciation letter can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. The business owner or manager may be thanking a customer for continued patronage, an employee for a job well done, a vendor for outstanding support or some other group or individual. It is important for those who own and run businesses to remember the manyindividuals and other companies that have helped make them realize continued success.

Format and Content

In order to get the most out of an appreciation or thank you letter it is best to print it out on company letterhead and send it first class mail or deliver it personally. A business appreciation letter format should include details about the event or series of events for which the business is expressing appreciation. It should be addressed to the person or group of people the business owner or manager wishes to thank.


The company owner who is writing this particular business appreciation letter sample is thanking a local farmer who has supplied fresh fruits and vegetables to his independent market for many years. Through bad weather, a slow economyand rising fuel costs the farmer has always delivered the goods.

Dear Andrew,

As we celebrate 20 years in business here at Fine Fresh Foods, Inc., I want to thank you for being such a dependable vendor and for consistently supplying my store with the very best in quality fruits and vegetables. The excellent service you have provided for the last 2 decades has made it easy for me to stick with my commitment to do business with local businesses that provide organic and sustainable products.

Smith Farms, Inc. is the only supplier/vendor that has been with my company since we opened in 1993. Others have come and gone, but you have held steady and this kind of dependability is something I deeply appreciate. Not only have you provided top quality produce in a timely manner, but you and your staff have been willing to go over and above reasonable levels of customer service to help me keep my store open and well-stocked in all circumstances.

Following Hurricane Alice in 1997, you were my first vendor to show up with food, and that helped me keep the doors open while the damage to my store was being repaired.You were also the first company to arrive at my doors with food supplies during the blizzards of 2001 and 2004. This helped my customers keep their households going as I was able to use my trucks to deliver food to customers who were stranded in their homes. I do not consider Smith Farms, Inc. just another vendor. As far as my staff and I are concerned, you and all those working in your company are partners with us as we strive to provide top quality food products to the people of Sun Valley.

With Deepest Appreciation for 20 years of service,

Christopher Jones

Christopher D. Jones