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Attorney Resignation Letter

As an attorney, there are any number of reasons that could necessitate your resignation, but regardless of your motive you should still be sure to go through the proper process. One of the first things you should do is sit down and write a formal attorney resignation letter to your boss. This is the best way to officially notify your employers of your intentions and make sure they know you wish to make a graceful exit and not burn any of your bridges in the business world.

Format and Content

As a professional attorney at law, you want your letter of resignation to look as polished and official as possible. You probably have a nice, legal letterhead, and if so, compose on that. In an official attorney resignation letter format, you should consider beginning with your brief statement of intent to resign with your reasons, if desired. The next paragraph is a great place to include contact and important work-related details. Finally, an appropriately concise yet sincere expression of your gratitude for the job experience is in order. After properly signing and dating, send in the letter.


Seeing an example can really be helpful in your situation as an attorney writing your first resignation letter. This formal attorney resignation letter sample is written by a woman who is leaving her law firm due to personal reasons. She writes this letter to her law firm, notifying them of her intentions and giving them the effective date of her resignation along with other important details.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

This letter is to inform you that I am resigning from Johnson Law Firm. This resignation is due to personal reasons. My last day at the firm will be October 15, 2014, so please let this letter serve as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation from Johnson Law Firm. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience that my resignation may cause to anyone at Johnson Law Firm. I will of course work as hard as ever during my last two weeks and ensure that all of my current projects are finished. If you would like to discuss this with me any further, please contact me at (555)-555-5555 or [email] I will strive to return all messages in a timely manner.

I am grateful for the great experience I have had working at Johnson Law Firm and will miss the staff and environment. I wish the firm every success and hope that perhaps our paths may cross again some day. Thank you for all of the patience and cooperation you have shown me during my time at Johnson Law Firm and now during my resignation.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Adame

Karen G. Adame

Attorney at Law

Johnson Law Firm