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Board Resignation Letter

A board resignation letter is typically written by a member of a board of directors of a corporation or a non-profit organization. It is usually written to the chairman of the board or the entire board of directors collectively. The letter should state the reason for vacating the board position.


This sample board resignation letter is written by an individual who serves on the board of directors for an art council. The individual is a museum curator and has accepted a position as a curator in another state. The job change and subsequent relocation is the reason for leaving the board.

Dear Chairman Parker:

It is with regret that I must tender my resignation from the Board of Directors of the ABC Tri-County Art Council effective May 31, 2013. As you may have heard, I am leaving my position as assistant curator at the ABC Museum of Art to accept the head curator position at XYZ Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. It is with mixed emotions that I leave the art council as it has become near and dear to my heart over the last four years that I have served on the board. I will also miss my work at the museum, but look forward to the unique challenges I will face in my new position.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to bring my personal love of art to school children in the tri-county area. The exposure to classic and contemporary works of art I believe serves to enrich the education of children and give them an appreciation for the beauty of art and the talent and dedication required to produce paintings, sculptures and other pieces. I have also enjoyed organizing the annual art festival that has served to introduce art to adults in the community who otherwise would not have taken the time to visit a museum or art gallery.

My association with the ABC Tri-County Art Council has been a rewarding experience. The other board members are gifted and passionate individuals with whom I have enjoyed working and sharing my love of art. I will be happy to meet with and mentor a new board member should you name one prior to my departure for New York. Additionally, I will be happy to leave copies of my notes, my networking contacts and other pertinent information I have compiled over the last four years for the new board member. I feel certain the council will continue to be supported by the ABC Museum of Art and the new assistant curator.

Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 anytime in the near or distant future. I will be happy to do everything in my power to help the ABC Tri-County Art Council continue to bring art appreciation to everyone in the community. Once I am settled in my new position in New York I will send you my email address. I look forward to staying in touch with the board.


Miranda Dashwood

Miranda Dashwood