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Business Agreement Letter

A business agreement letter is exactly what it sounds like: an agreement between businesses for some kind of exchange of services, products, or financial obligation. Unlike a services contract, a business agreement can include bartering or other exchanges beyond basic payment for a product. This style of document is much more fluid, it has less to do with a specific set of guidelines and more with content that both parties agree to.

Format and Content

Content matters more than format in a business agreement. The only rules to a business agreement letter format are including contact information for both parties and the basic terms of the arrangement. Once these are spelled out, the rest of the content will be dictated by the intentions of the businesses involved in the agreement. Both parties will sign the agreement,making the letter a full-fledged contract.


In this business agreement letter sample, the two businesses have decided to barter. The printing company offers to provide materials to the design company at a discount in exchange for the design company providing marketing materials. The terms are laid out in this letter then signed by each party. This informal agreement has no end date and will probably require another letter if the arrangement is terminated.

Dear Eva,

After our meeting on Thursday, I drew up this business agreement to get the details of our discussion in writing. If the terms are acceptable to you, please sign the contract and we can move forward with this mutually beneficial arrangement.

For an exchange of services:

Push Printing will provide a 40% discount on all materials and printing done at our store by Viral Season Designs whether for internal, commercial, or client use. Push Printing will provide Viral Season Designs with a monthly bill for all materials purchased on the 30th of each month.

Viral Season Designs will provide Push Printing with occasional design work, free of charge, for marketing materials. These materials will include a revision of Push Printing’s current logo and mailer material. The turn-around time for design materials is not to exceed six weeks unless otherwise decided upon. Push Printing promises to be respectful of design time and other clients that Viral Season Designs might have.

This agreement is an exchange of services from the date of this letter until a mutual agreement to terminate the contract has been signed. No fees or extra payments will be demanded or expected for the scope of this agreement.

Both businesses promise to refer clients whenever possible to each other’s services.

Hopefully these terms are acceptable toyou; I look forward to a long-standing partnership between our companies.

Adam Smith, Owner

Push Printing



Adam Smith, Push Printing


Eva Sandler, Viral Season Designs

Date ________________________________