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Consultant Resignation Letter

The consulting profession is one with many opportunities and frequent changes among staff. Resignations are not uncommon, and many consultants change jobs to gain more exposure in the profession, to work with different clients and to advance their careers. In order to behave in the most professional manner toward an employer, it is necessary to write a formal letter of resignation when making a job change in the consulting field.

Format and Content

A consultant resignation letter format should include the date in which the resignation will take effect as well as an offer to train a replacement and see that current projects are completed. It is a good idea to express gratitude for the opportunity to be employed by the company and the years of experience and knowledge gained during that time. Leaving doors open for future employment is generally a wise move in the consulting arena.


This consultant resignation letter sample is from an individual who has been offered a more challenging job position. She is providing 30 days’ notice to her employer in preparation for transitioning to another consulting firm, and she is offering to see that pending projects are completed prior to her departure.

Dear Ms. Dashwood:

It is with regret that I am submitting my resignation, and I ask you to accept this resignation from my role as a consultant with ABC Marketing Associates. From the date of this letter I give you one calendar month notice as per my employment contract; therefore my final day of employment will be September 1, 2013. The following month will give me ample time to complete the consulting projects on which I am currently working. I will be more than happy to assist in training a new consultant to take over my position.

My affiliation with ABC Marketing Associates has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience; however I have accepted another position that will allow me to face new and diverse consulting challenges, accelerate my growth in the profession and achieve my career goals. It is in the best interest of my family and me that I accept this new job opportunity.

It has not been easy for me to reach the decision to leave ABC Marketing Associates; however the offer with which I have been presented is one that I feel I must take advantage of and explore. This in no way reflects on how I feel about ABC Marketing or the treatment I have received during my time employed here. I have learned a great deal during my 4 years of employment at ABC and my superiors at the company have helped me hone my consulting skills. I am eternally thankful for the opportunities that have been available to me during my association with ABC.

I will do my very best to minimize any disruption among the consulting team of which I am a part and the projects on which we are currently working. Should you wish for me to work out my 30 day notice I believe I will be able to get a new team member up to speed and help the rest of the team complete the current assignments with no glitches in the process. I want to sincerely thank you for the opportunity to work for ABC Marketing Associates and I wish everyone on the staff all the best in the years to come.

Warm Regards,

Amanda Armstrong

Amanda Armstrong