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Counter Offer Acceptance Letter

When the terms of a job offer are not quite what an applicant had hoped for, a counter offer is sometimes proposed. If a hiring manager agrees to the terms set forth in the new proposal, a counter offer acceptance letter will be written in order to let the writer know this so that the hiring process can move forward.

Format and Content

A counter offer acceptance letter format will rehash the information that was stated in the counter offer so that both parties can be sure they are in agreement on certain terms. It will end with a call to action that asks for the recipient to acknowledge agreement and receipt so that there will be no doubt that further negotiations concerning salary and benefits will not be needed.


Stan Markum, the CEO of Easy Manufacturing Inc. is writing this counter offer acceptance letter sample to Frances Beach, who was recently hired as plant manager. Mrs. Beach countered her original offer with a new one that asked for more of her relocation expenses to be covered in addition to an extra week of vacation every year. Mr. Markum has generously agreed to accept her proposal, and is writing to let her know of his decision.

Dear Mrs. Beach,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am agreeing to the terms you requested in your counter offer for the position of plant manager with Easy Manufacturing. In your proposal dated October 10, 2013, you had asked for a couple of changes to be made to the original offer, to include:

Additional relocation expenses for your family. Our original offer only included the shipment of household goods for yourself, but you had asked for an increase to cover the cost of shipping goods for your husband and two children as well. This request has been granted, and your new moving allowance has been increased from $4,000 to $12,000 as a result.

An additional week of vacation each year. The original offer allowed for two weeks of vacation after one year of service, but you had asked for one week to be given after six months of service, and then two more weeks after you had completed 12 months of service. This request has also been granted.

All other terms of our agreement are still in place concerning salary and benefits. In addition, we have agreed that you will begin your new position on December 1, 2013 in order to allow yourself enough time to relocate here with your family. We have already arranged for a welcoming reception for you the first week of December in order to allow team members at the factory to get to know you a little better. I look forward to meeting you upon your arrival, and are confident you will serve Easy Manufacturing well in your new position.


Mr. Stan Markum

Mr. Stan Markum