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Customer Service Apology Letter

When you work with the public, customer service is an essential aspect of your business. You must retain a good footing with your customers. If you damage your relationship with one customer, it can lead to a domino effect, hurting your bottom line. When something problematic occurs, a customer service apology letter will help to rectify the situation and hopefully allow you to retain the customer as a client of your business. People appreciate tokens like letters that demonstrate you are willing to take responsibility for problems and rectify the situation.

Format and Content

The customer service apology letter format should be formal and respectful. The content should include a personalized description of the individual problem, demonstrating that time and energy is being spent on the particular customer. You should also include information on how you are solving the problem and how you will ensure it will not happen again. Furthermore, you should offer the customer something such as a product sample or a special offer for the trouble they have had to deal with. You do not want to have a general letter sent to a customer, it should always be at least a little personalized to make the customer feel heard and cared about.


When a customer found his expensive vase he purchased was broken in shipment, he called the customer service hotline of the company. Although the company sent him a new vase right away, one of the customer service managers made sure to send this customer service apology letter sample to demonstrate to the customer the appreciation the company has for his patronage.

Dear Mr. Whitmore,

I want to apologize profusely that you received damage goods in your last purchase from us. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. You should have received your replacement vase in the mail, as we mailed it out on May 20. If it has not arrived within the next week, please contact us again. We appreciate your business, and we always want to ensure our customers get the best products available.

After hearing of your broken vase, we have double-checked our packaging process to ensure that it is still of the highest quality. We work with glass products, which are always fragile and at risk of breaking. We use the best shipment methods for fragile items, but breakage does happen sporadically. We are sorry that it occurred for you, but I hope you will appreciate your new vase once it arrives.

If there is anything else we can do, please let us know. I have included a 20 percent off coupon in this letter for your next purchase from us because of the problems you had to go through due to your damaged shipment. I hope that if you are ever in need of another glass item, you will consider Fine Glass Accessories.

Thank you,

Max Wilson