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Customer Service Appreciation Letter

People are often quick to write a letter to the management of an establishment when they receive poor customer service. It is, however, a good idea to take the time to write a customer service appreciation letter to management when you receive exceptional service as well. An appreciation letter usually goes into an employee’s personnel file and can make a difference when that employee is being considered for a raise or a promotion.

Format and Content

There is no required customer service appreciation letter format, but there are some items that should be included in the letter. Of course, you should include the employee’s name and the department in which he or she works. Note the date that the employee performed exceptional customer service and details regarding the specific event. Be sure to include your name, address and contact information as well and always sign an appreciation letter.


A hotel concierge has a multitude of responsibilities, many of which involve performing personalized services for guests. This customer service appreciation letter sample is from the mother of a 10-year-old girl with Cystic Fibrosis. The family recently celebrated the girl’s 10th birthday at the hotel with a big party.

Dear Mr. Brooks,

Our extended family and close friends celebrated our daughter’s 10th birthday at ABC Luxury Hotel and Spa the weekend of December 27 through 29. Yes, that is extravagant for a little girl’s 10th birthday but our daughter, Isabella, has cystic fibrosis and each additional year she lives is a gift. We never know which birthday celebration might be her last. The 10-year mark was such a milestone that we chose your fabulous hotel for our celebration.

That brings me to the point of this letter. As if your hotel alone was not enough to make this a memorable birthday celebration for Isabella, your amazing concierge, Amy K. Brown, went over and above anything I could have ever imagined to make this event extra special for our Isabella. Her charm, energy and bubbly personality were contagious, and Isabella fell in love with her.

First of all, when we arrived for dinner I had an idea about decorating our hotel room. I asked Amy about it. She said the hotel did not have a decorating service, but she was off concierge duty in a few minutes and would be glad to handle that on her own time. I gave her $100 for decorations and when we returned to the room 2 hours later, it was like a birthday wonderland. Amy and some of the staff greeted outside the door to sing Happy Birthday to Isabella. Also, during our dinner, Amy had alerted the dining room staff that it was Isabella’s birthday, and they treated her like a princess, complete with a crown, flowers and an elaborately decorated birthday cupcake.

This birthday party will be forever one of the fondest memories for Isabella and our family. In fact, Isabella still talks about it every day. I hope you will commend Amy K. Brown for being more than just a hotel concierge. She is the maker of a memorable life event for our family, and we will always be grateful.

With Many Thanks,

Mary Ann Matthews

Mary Ann Matthews