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Daycare Resignation Letter

When a daycare employer resigns, a letter should be written to either the owner or the director of the daycare center. The employee should endeavor to give at least 2 weeks’ notice to enable management to interview applicants and hire and train a new employee. Whether or not the letter gives a reason for the resignation is up to the writer’s discretion. It should be thoughtfully and professionally written and carefully proofread before being delivered.

Format and Content

The daycare resignation letter format should start by addressing the individual at the daycare center who is responsible for human resources. It should indicate the date that you expect to be your last day. You may or may not provide a reason for your resignation. That is optional. Offering to help train your replacement is a nice gesture, and leaving your work area and files in good order is expected and is simply professional behavior.


This daycare resignation letter is from an employee of a daycare center who is expecting her first child in the next few months. She is resigning her job at the daycare center because she plans to stay home and take care of her new baby for as long as possible.

Dear Mrs. Weaver:

Please accept my resignation as the pre-kindergarten teacher at ABC Daycare Center effective August 15. It is with mixed emotions that I leave this job that I love. As you know, I am expecting my first child three months from now and, after much discussion and thoughtful consideration, my husband and I believe it would be best for our child if I become a stay-at-home mom for a while. My plan is to stay home with our child as long as we can afford to live on my husband’s income alone.

I have treasured every moment of the 5 years that I have served as the pre-kindergarten teacher at ABC. I dearly love each one of the children and will miss them all terribly. I will also miss the other members of the staff at ABC who have all grown to be treasured friends of mine. I believe you operate the very best daycare center and pre-school in the metropolitan area and it has been my honor to be a part of your highly skilled and professional staff. I am happy to help train the new pre-kindergarten teacher when you hire one and I will have all curriculum and classroom materials in good order to make the transition as smooth as possible in time for the new school year.

It is my plan to arrange to visit ABC regularly after our baby is born. I look forward to keeping up with the children in the pre-kindergarten class as well as all my friends on the staff. I hope you will email me and keep me up-to-date on all the news and any special events at the center. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to impact the lives of the children at ABC. My time here is something that I will cherish always.


Jessica Hughes

Jessica Hughes