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Daycare Termination Letter

Most day care contracts contain a clause requiring a notice before withdrawing your child or children from the program. Avoid unnecessary penalties and fees by writing a termination letter that complies with the conditions contained in the contract agreement.

Format and Content

Write the letter in a clear and concise manner that leaves no room for ambiguity. The letter should include the date it is written and the date you will terminate your relationship with the daycare provider. The letter format includes an opening paragraph with your intention statement, the name of your child or children, and the termination date. The body of the letter may contain information you believe is important to protecting your interests. The final paragraph should include your contact information.


This daycare termination letter sample is written by a father who notifies the facility that he will be removing his children from the program in 3 weeks. He specifically mentions that his contract calls for a 2-week notice. Although it is not required, he provides the daycare with the reason he has decided to remove his children from the program.

Dear Ms. Springs:

This letter is to inform you that as of September 4, 2013, our children Lisa and Jeffrey Spiro will no longer be attending Little Tykes Day Care. As per our contract, please accept this letter as our official 2-week notice. Our bill is paid through the end of August. We will pay for the additional week of September on Monday, September 2. I realized we are responsible for paying for a full week of tuition even though our children will only attend for 3 days.

In September I will be taking a new job in Dayton, Ohio. Although the move makes good business and financial sense, we realize it may be difficult for Lisa and Jeffrey to leave a place they know as home and moveto somewhere they have never seen. We are doing our best to make the move seem like an exciting adventure for our children and our family. We would appreciate the cooperation of your teachers in this matter and request that any discussion focus on the positive aspects only.

We have been pleased with the level of care Little Tykes has provided for our children. We researched many daycare facilities within the area and selected yours because of your high-quality preschool education program. Lisa and Jeffrey have made many friends at your daycare facility. With your permission, my wife would like to bring cupcakes and punch on September 4 so that our children can say goodbye to their classmates and teachers in a fun and upbeat way.

Please call me if you have any questions. I can be reached during the day at (555)-555-5555 or you may call my wife at our home number, (555)-555-5555. Thank you again for taking excellent care of our children. I fully intend to visit your Facebook page and your official company listing to leave a positive review of your organization.


Richard Spiro

Mr. Richard Spiro