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Director Resignation Letter

There are many different kinds of directors including those who run corporations, foundations, non-profit organizations, colleges, medical facilities and a host of other establishments. Directors who resign their positions, for whatever reason, must submit a letter to a CEO, a board of directors or the individual or entity responsible for hiring a new director. The letter should be tasteful and professional as well as concise and articulate. It is also important to sign the document.

Format and Content

A director resignation letter format should specify the date that the resignation will take effect. It is important to express gratitude for the opportunity to direct the department, the company or particular establishment. Explaining the reason for the resignation is optional. The letter should be polite and unobtrusive regardless of the personal feelings of the writer. In the business world it is important to refrain from alienating former employers as maintaining congenial relationships is best.


This director resignation letter sample is from an individual who heads up a consulting firm. The company has lost several major clients to competitors in the last year and their market share has decreased significantly; therefore it is time for new leadership and the director must resign and move on.

Dear Board of Directors:

It is with regret that I resign my position as Director of the ABC Consulting Firm effective upon the appointment of a new director. It has been my honor to serve as the director of the firm for the last 3 years. Although the company has experienced some financial challenges recently I am confident that ABC will recover and go on to be stronger than ever before.

While serving as the director I went out on a limb and took some risks that now in hindsight I see were unwise. Had my hunches been accurate the company would have made millions; however due to market trends that I did not foresee, my hunches proved to be inaccurate. For this I take full responsibility and resign my position. I will do everything in my power during my remaining days at ABC to rebuild the areas of the company that have suffered from my decisions.

I want to make it clear that the staff of ABC is in no way responsible for the company’s financial woes. All financial issues are my responsibility and I am accountable for the consequences of the financial decisions I made on the company’s behalf. The management of ABC is exceedingly fortunate to have the kind of dedicated staff that I have come to know and respect during my years with the company. The staff is committed to excellence and are fiercely loyal to the company.

Once you have named a new director I will be happy to assist in the individual’s assimilation into ABC’s corporate environment if that is something you would like for me to do. I am determined to put forth my very best effort to help ABC realize some financial rebuilding before I leave. Thank you again for an educational and highly rewarding 3 years at ABC.


Jonah Stevens

Jonah M. Stevens