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EDD Appeal Letter

An EDD appeal letter is written for the purpose of asking the Employment Development Department to reconsider a decision denying an individual unemployment benefits. The letter typically includes evidence supporting the request for a reconsideration of the decision and may even include the name or names of potential witnesses who are willing to testify in a hearing on the individual’s behalf.

Format and Content

An EDD appeal letter format should include the date the EDD decision was made, the name and social security number of the person who has been denied unemployment benefits and names of former co-workers or supervisors who are willing to testify in a hearing in support of the person appealing the EDD decision. It is important to clearly explain the action that is being appealed and why the person appealing believes that the EDD’s decision is not right. The letter should be professional and in no way combative.


This EDD appeal letter sample is from an individual who was fired from her job for viewing her Facebook page at the office during work hours. The company’s employee handbook clearly states that employees may access social media websites and personal emails at work on company equipment during their lunch hours or break times only. The handbook clearly states that employees will be subject to job termination should they be caught viewing social media pages during their work time. The individual who was fired contends that her lunch hour fluctuates depending on her work load and that during the time in question she was at lunch and not on duty when she was on her Facebook page.

Dear Adjudicator Albertson,

I am writing this letter for the purpose of appealing the Employment Development Department decision made on August 14, 2013 regarding my disqualification for unemployment benefits. I appreciate this opportunity to provide details that I hope will reverse the decision that disqualified me from receiving the benefits to which I believe I am entitled.

I was terminated from my job at ABC Printing Company for viewing my Facebook page during work hours. I have attached a copy of the page out of ABC Printing Company’s employee handbook which clearly states that employees may view social media on company equipment during their lunch hours or breaks. The handbook states that employees who are found viewing social media and other websites for personal use during the hours that they are supposed to be working may be fired according to their supervisor’s discretion.

My supervisor fired me for viewing my Facebook at work; however at the time I was on my lunch hour. My supervisor argued that it was not my lunch hour, but he is mistaken. I was absolutely at lunch. My lunch time fluctuates based on job duties and printing deadlines. I do not stop in the middle of a project to have lunch. I complete the project and take my lunch hour afterwards which means my lunch hour fluctuates. My co-worker, Angela Adams, is willing to testify that I was indeed eating lunch during the time in question. Please reconsider the denial of unemployment benefits for my case #00001

Respectfully Submitted,

Ms. Tiffany Thomas

Ms. Tiffany T. Thomas