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Employer Acceptance Letter

An employer acceptance letter is typically written by college students who are undergoing an internship program. Since program directors of different colleges arrange these programs on behalf of their students, it is necessary for the intern to formally accept an “employer” in order to gain the on-the-job training that’s needed in order to meet graduation requirements.

Format and Content

An employer acceptance letter format should be addressed to the individual who is arranging the internship. It should contain basic details about the program, to include start and end dates, duties to be performed, and the name of the individual the student will be working for. More than one copy of the letter is usually prepared, as the student, program director, and on-the-job supervisor normally all receive a copy. It can also contain enclosures such as copies of college transcripts or a resume.


This example is being written by Thelma Persinger, a student at Southeastern State University. Ms. Persinger is currently about to complete her studies as a paralegal, and has been assigned to perform an internship with the Innocence Defender Network. She is writing this employer acceptance letter sample to her program director, Mrs. Kathy Dixon in order to acknowledge her acceptance of this offer. In doing so, she is also stating the terms associated with this internship so that everyone involved can be sure they are in agreement.

Dear Mrs. Dixon:

I am writing to formally accept the internship program you have secured with me through the Innocence Defender Network. Per our conversation yesterday, this program will begin on Monday, October 22, 2013, and run until approximately November 30, 2013. I understand that I will be required to complete 120 hours of service with the Innocence Defender Network during that time period, and that my schedule will fluctuate weekly based upon the needs of that law firm.

I also acknowledge that my job duties will consist of maintaining case files, performing legal research, and drafting pleadings and motions on behalf of the firm’s clients. These duties are subject to change at any time, and will also be based upon the needs of my supervising attorney, Mr. Ken Jacobson. I understand that professional dress is required, and that I will receive a grade for my work rather than a salary.

I am looking forward to working at the Innocence Defender Network, and hope to put some of the knowledge I have obtained while studying here at Southeastern State University to good use. A copy of my resume is attached to this letter so that you can forward it to Mr. Jacobson for his review. Please let him know that I am eagerly anticipating our first meeting on Monday, and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you as well for helping me to secure this exciting opportunity.

Best Regards,

Thelma Persinger

Thelma Persinger

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