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Forced Resignation Letter

A forced resignation letter can be difficult to write and results from a sensitive situation at the place of employment. The letter is written to the employer of the person resigning, and it is important that it is civil and professional while making it clear that the resignation is forced.


This sample forced resignation letter is written by an employee who has been accused of stealing petty cash. The letter is written to the employer and the person resigning contends that she did not steal any money from the company. The employee who is resigning needs to quickly find another job.

Dear Mr. Ironside:

It is with great displeasure that I write this resignation letter effective immediately as I have been informed by my supervisor that I must resign to avoid being fired. I have been wrongly accused of stealing money from the petty cash fund. Although I have a key and access to the petty cash box, I have never taken any money that was not approved by my supervisor for a specific expenditure for the company. I do not know what happened to the missing money. If I knew what happened to it I would report it to the supervisor.

According to my calculations, I have one full week of vacation and three personal leave days remaining that I have not taken this year. I do expect to be paid for these days as outlined in the employee handbook on page 12. Also, I plan to apply for unemployment benefits until I can find another job, and I would appreciate it if you would not challenge my unemployment application. I assure you that I will be trying diligently to find other employment as soon as possible. This forced resignation is completely unexpected and puts me in a serious financial bind; therefore it is vital that I secure employment quickly.

I am choosing to continue my health insurance coverage through XYZ Corporation by taking advantage of the COBRA program until I find a new job. I would appreciate your providing me with the necessary paperwork that I will complete to activate the COBRA program. I realize that I have to pay the full price for coverage through COBRA. In addition, I will expect a check for the money that is in my 401-K fund along with any instructions related to reinvestment options. I am ready and willing to go through the Human Resources Department exit interview explained on page 23 of the employee handbook as soon as it can be scheduled.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 14 years of employment at XYZ Corporation until the last two weeks when I was falsely accused of stealing money from the petty cash fund. I have worked very hard for the company over the years. I have received only good evaluations from my superiors and I have earned three promotions. Should you choose to contact me for further questions please do so at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Kimberly Evans

Kimberly C. Evans