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Independent Contractor Resignation Letter

When circumstances result in the need to resign from an independent job as a contractor it is important to do so in a professional manner as your reputation in the industry may be at stake. Whatever the reason for the resignation, it is a good idea to resign face-to-face and deliver the letter of resignation in person. In some cases it is appropriate to help your employer locate a replacement contractor to finish the job.

Format and Content

A reason for quitting a job in progress and the date of your last expected day of work are 2 items that should be included in an independent contractor resignation letter format. Even though, in reality, the customer is not always right, it is best to refrain from being critical of the employer in the resignation letter. Remember that anything put in writing constitutes a record that could very well plague you in the future.


This independent contractor resignation letter is from an individual who agreed to work as an independent contractor on a kitchen renovation. After the owner of the home decided to make drastic changes to the kitchen plan midstream the contractor decided to resign rather than suffer financial loss on the project.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Graham:

I regret to inform you that I must resign from the kitchen renovation project in your home. My initial quote that I provided to you for your kitchen renovation project was based on the specifications that you gave me at that time. I am not able to incorporate the changes that you recently made to the project for the same price stated in my original quote. Since you are unwilling to allow me to re-work the quote based on the changes you have made, I have no other choice but to resign from the project as I cannot pay my crew for the extended timeframe and purchase new materials and supplies to accommodate your changes for the original amount that I quoted you.

You will need to obtain a new contractor to take over the project and provide you with a quote to complete the kitchen renovation project based on your new specifications. The materials and supplies that I have stored in your backyard shed can stay there as you have already paid for those items and they belong to you. As I explained previously, I understand your desire to remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room; however that is a load bearing wall and removing it will harm the structural integrity of your home. You will not find a competent contractor who will agree to take that wall down.

Furthermore, my original quote did not include stainless steel appliances, mahogany cabinetry or brushed iron plumbing features. These items are considerably more expensive than the items you originally selected and for which I provided a quote. Although you have opted to paint the kitchen yourself and downgraded the countertops from marble to granite, these cost reductions are not significant enough to offset the more expensive changes you have made in other areas. Consequently, please accept my resignation from this project and I wish you all the best in your continued kitchen renovation efforts.


Aaron Bennett

Aaron Bennett