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Job Resignation Letter

When you decide to resign from your job, it is an expected courtesy to write a formal job resignation letter to your employers. You should still write the letter whether you leave your job on excellent terms with your employers, or poor. This is because not only is a formal letter a way to communicate your intentions, but a courteous way to facilitate goodwill, a positive relationship and increase your chances of getting a good reference.

Format and Content

Write in the style of a formal business letter on your professional letterhead, if possible. It should clearly state your intentions in a polite manner, and give the exact date of your resignation. You may give a reason for your resignation if desired, but this is not totally necessary in proper job resignation letter format. You should also try to express gratitude for the experiences and opportunities you gained from the job and discuss the transfering of your projects and responsibilities, if applicable. You may also wish to provide valid contact information where you can be reached for questions.


A job resignation letter sample can be an invaluable tool in helping you learn how to do it yourself. This letter is from a sales associate to her manager. She writes politely and professionally, despite whatever her reasons may be for resigning, gives the time frame of her departure, and provides her contact information. She sends a copy to both her manager and the head of the company’s human resources department so that all the proper records can be kept.

Job Resignation Letter SAMPLE

Dear Ms. Lopez,

This letter is to regretfully inform you of my coming resignation from ABC Company. I have enjoyed my time with ABC Company and gained valuable experience, but feel that taking this next step will be helpful in facilitating accomplishment of my overall career goals.

My resignation will take place effective May 15, 2014, so please consider this letter as my two weeks’ notice of resignation from ABC Company. I plan to put forth as much effort as possible to work effectively until then, and train the other team members to take over my responsibilities where necessary. I have already informed them of my intentions to resign.

Although I look forward to my future after taking this step, I will miss my teammates and always be grateful to ABC Company for the experience I earned and the opportunities I gained. I hope that our paths will cross in the business again some day. If any clarification is needed in this matter, please feel free to contact me via telephone at (555)-555-5555 or email at [email] I appreciate your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Marisol Lynde

Marisol L. Lynde

Sales Associate

ABC Company