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Navy Officer Resignation Letter

Resigning from a position as an officer in the U.S. Navy is not the same as resigning from a job in the civilian world. The resignation must follow a certain procedure and be professionally written and presented.

Format and Content

A navy officer resignation letter format must follow one of the templates available on the Navy Personnel Command website. There are several different templates designed to address a number of scenarios. A commanding officer can assist the officer in locating and completing the proper form. The form must be completed in full. All required documentation must be provided and an acceptable reason must be given for the resignation in order to obtain an honorable discharge.


This navy officer resignation letter sample is from a lieutenant who is submitting a resignation letter and requesting an honorable discharge. The lieutenant’s father has suffered a debilitating stroke, and he has no family who can help care for him and as a result, must leave the navy and return home.

Dear Naval Secretary Smith and Commander Jones:

I hereby submit my resignation from the naval service of the United States of America. Furthermore, I request that my resignation by accepted. I have been informed and understand that, upon the resignation being accepted, I will receive a certificate of honorable discharge from the naval service. I desire detachment in September 2013.

To my knowledge, I am not financially indebted to the United States government. As required by the United States Government I am providing personal information which follows. I was born on November 4, 1990 and was recruited at the Raleigh, North Carolina Naval Recruitment Office. My commission began in September of 2000 and should have been completed in September 2014.

I am the only offspring of my father Colonel David J. Lee, Sr. He has recently had a stroke and is currently in a rehabilitation facility undergoing intense therapy; however he is not expected to fully recover. He will be discharged from the facility in mid-September and there is no one to care for him and no place for him to live if I do not go home to take responsibility for his care. My mother is deceased and I have no siblings. My father also has no siblings, no living parents, no aunts, uncles, cousins or other living family members. I am his only family.

My understanding is that a family emergency situation is grounds for a resignation from the United States Navy with an honorable discharge prior to the end of a commission. I consider it an honor to have served my country in the U.S. Navy and I would gladly be willing to work out my commission if I were not faced with a family emergency. Please consider accepting my resignation effective next month.


David Lee

Lt. David J. Lee, Jr.