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New Job Announcement Letter

As a company grows, it often adds new positions. A new job announcement letter is sometimes written in order to let people know about these new openings. This letter serves as an advertisement of the new position and is intended to spur interest in it from qualified applicants. It is targeted toward individuals who assist others in finding suitable employment.

Format and Content

The new job announcement letter format will be semi-formal and direct. This letter will be addressed to someone who might know of qualified individuals who would be interested in one of these positions. It provides a little bit of information about the job, and discusses the types of qualifications that would be required of the person that fills it. The letter ends with instructions that interested parties will need in order to apply for the new opening, and thanks the individual it is addressed to for their help in securing qualified candidates.


This new job announcement letter sample is being sent to the Director of Career Services at State College. It discusses a new opening for a paralegal with a local law firm due to the addition of two new attorneys. The letter is being provided in the hopes that former students of State College who are interested in this position will be encouraged to apply.

Dear Ms. Scheffield:

It is with great pleasure that I announce our law firm currently has a new opening for a paralegal. Two new attorneys, Barbara Smith and Stuart Long have joined our practice, and as a result, additional administrative support will now be required.

The ideal candidate for this position would be a recent graduate of your paralegal studies program who achieved high grades while attending your college. No prior experience as a paralegal is necessary; however, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in drafting legal documents and correspondence. This means that a portfolio of their work will be required.

This new paralegal will answer directly to our two new attorneys, and will be responsible for maintaining files, drafting pleadings and motions, and performing legal research among other things. Most of the work would be performed inside the law firm; however, the paralegal might also be asked to accompany an attorney to court or sit in on depositions from time to time as well.

Interested candidates should submit their resume along with two samples of their work to [email] After reviewing these documents, I will then select the most qualified candidates for an in-person interview, which will also include an examination of their portfolio. Please let qualified former graduates of your program know of this opening so that they will have the opportunity to apply. Thank you for your time and assistance in helping Parker Hughes and Mayfield LLC fill this valuable position.


Grant Parker

Mr. Grant Parker

Senior Partner