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Not a Good Fit Resignation Letter

It usually doesn’t take very much time at a new job to realize that you are not really a very good fit for the position. Whether it is the type of work required or the culture and people in the workplace, not being a good fit for a job can really put a damper on your productivity and sanity. You may decide that sending in a formal not a good fit resignation letter is the best course of action – if so, the best thing you can do is try to be gracious and apologetic in a nice letter of resignation.

Format and Content

Even though you may only have been at your job for a short time, you should still go through the proper resignation process and present yourself as a business professional. Write with proper grammar on your official letterhead and be sure to date and sign it in the appropriate sections. A businesslike not a good fit resignation letter format needs to contain about three paragraphs and be no more than one page in length. Open with a statement of your intent to resign and humbly communicate that you were not the right person for the position. Add in your contact and important work-related details, and close with your gratitude for the job and the experience you were able to earn in that short time.


If you have never had to write a letter like this before, you may be a little unsure as to what to say and on the lookout for some helpful ideas. This not a good fit resignation letter sample is from an employee who realized a few weeks after starting a new job that she just was not a good fit for the workplace environment. She remembers to send a copy of her finished letter to both her immediate supervisor and the manager of the human resources department so that proper records can be made.

Dear Ms. Machado,

I am just sending this letter to inform you of my resignation from ABC Company. I have realized over the past couple of weeks that I am just not a good fit for the work environment at this company. My last day of work will be August 15, 2014, so please accept this letter as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation from ABC Company. I hope you understand.

I do hope that no inconvenience results from my resignation. Should any arise, I would be happy to assist in any way, such as selecting a replacement to take over my duties. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me at (555)-555-5555 or [email] I will return messages as quickly as possible.

I have tried my best to make this job work, but in the end I feel that I have made the best decision possible. I am grateful for the work experience I did earn and I appreciate your patience and cooperation with me during this time. I wish ABC Company continued success.

Yours sincerely,

Gemma Ward

Gemma K. Ward


ABC Company