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Physician Resignation Letter

Being forced to resign due to some negligence or accident can happen to a physician. A resignation can also be tendered in order for the physician to take another position or to retire from the profession. Whatever the reason for the resignation, a professional letter should be written and the writer should refrain from venting angry feelings in writing. It is important to remember that once something is in writing it is a permanent record.

Format and Content

A physician rarely acts alone and is almost always a member of a team that provides healthcare for a community or segment of a population. Consequently, it makes sense for a physician resignation letter format to acknowledge and compliment the team that assisted in efforts to provide quality medical care to a community. It is wise to express gratitude to the administration of the facility for allowing the physician to serve on the medical staff.


This physician resignation letter sample is one in which the physician is leaving a hospital emergency department on good terms to join a medical relief organization on the continent of Africa. The physician has performed short tours with the relief organization and now wishes to be a permanent team member.

Dear Hospital Administrator Bennett:

It is with deep sadness that I resign my position as a physician and Chief of Emergency Medicine at XYZ Metropolitan Hospital effective the first of next month. These last 4 years leading the amazingly gifted medical staff in the emergency department at XYZ have been some of the best years of my life. I will miss each and every member of the team from the trauma center to the burn center and from the talented surgeons who save lives to the dedicated orderlies who go that extra mile to comfort patients who are in great pain.

As you know, I have taken time off in the past to be a part of a medical team, under the umbrella of the non-profit ABC Medical Relief Organization, which travels to war torn areas on the continent of Africa for the purpose of providing emergency medical treatment to the victims of civil wars and border conflicts. The conditions in these countries are heart wrenching and the innocent men, women and children desperately need help.

Although it is exceedingly difficult for me to leave my dear friends and second family at XYZ I feel a tremendous burden for the African people who suffer from the effects of violent and corrupt governments in their countries. They need medical treatment for injuries and illnesses as well as healthy food, clean drinking water, basic sanitation, vitamins, vaccinations, antibiotics and a host of other items that we in America take for granted, but to which these people have no access.

The ABC Medical Relief Organization is able to provide the help that these people need and I believe it is my calling to be a permanent part of ABC’s efforts. This is not a decision I take lightly and is one that has been thoroughly considered. I am eternally grateful for all I have learned at XYZ Metropolitan and for the opportunity to work with the talented staff to serve our community.

With Humble Gratitude and Best Regards,

Alexander Blackwell

Alexander J. Blackwell, M.D.