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Project Acceptance Letter

Businesses do not always complete every project within their organization themselves. Instead, they may reach out to other businesses in order to finish all or part of a particular project. A project acceptance letter is then written by the outside organization to serve as a formal agreement between the two parties for legal purposes.

Format and Content

A project acceptance letter format will include the names of the parties involved as well as a few details about a particular project. It can also provide information such as the start and end date of the project and where it will take place. Cost and payment information is not normally included in this letter since it is not a formal contract, and adding it would make the letter very lengthy to read. Even so, it can sometimes reference a contract or estimate that contains this information.


This projectacceptance letter sample is being written by Mr. David Silva, the owner of Silva Construction Group to Patty Myers, Comptroller for the city of Anytown,PA. Silva Construction Group has been asked to build a playground as part of a park renovation program overseen by the Anytown city government. The Anytown Parks and Recreational department does not have the manpower needed to complete this project, which is why they have collaborated with Silva Construction. This letter lists a few details about the project in order to ensure that everyone involved is in agreement.

Dear Mrs. Myers,

I am writing this letter to you in order to accept the playground project offered by your Parks and Recreational Department. As agreed upon, construction will begin on November 1, 2013, and will be completed no later than the end of the month.

This playground project will include setting up new slides, climbing equipment and a swing set, and enclosing it with a six-foot high chain link fence. New picnic tables and park-style barbeque grills will be added to an area adjacent to the playground for families to use as well. It will culminate with the addition of cushioning materials underneath the play equipment in order to protect children from falls while they are using it.

I understand that my crew will be paid according to the terms set forth in our contract, which was dated October 15, 2013, and signed by myself and Mr. Edward Robinson, the mayor of Anytown. According to this contract, our work will be inspected by the city’s building inspector Mr. Robert Woodson before the playground will be open to the public.

On behalf of my crew, I would like to extend our thanks to you for selecting us for this project. It is my sincere hope that this playground project brings years of endless joy to the children of Anytown, and becomes a model for other parks to emulate in their own construction as well.


Mr. David Silva

Mr. David Silva

Silva Construction Group