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Proposal Acceptance Letter

When you accept a business proposal from another company or organization, it is best to formally notify the company whether or not you are accepting the proposal. The best way to do this is in an official proposal acceptance letter. This is a good way to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between the two companies and show your appreciation. You need to know how to write a great letter that will represent your company well, so keep reading for some helpful ideas and tips to get you writing effectively and successfully.

Format and Content

An official and professional proposal acceptance letter format should contain approximately three paragraphs. Open with a statement confirming that the proposal has been accepted, and give all the important details regarding the acceptance. You should also give your contact information since further discussion may be needed. Close with an appropriate expression of appreciation for the cooperation on the proposal. Write on your company’s official letterhead, paying close attention to correct grammar and spelling, and be sure to sign and date the letter in the right places.


If you are not experienced in writing letters of this nature, you may be wondering exactly what it should say. Looking at an example will be a great way for you to gather some ideas. Here is a proposal acceptance letter sample notifying a construction and consulting company that their proposal for a business expansion has been accepted. It includes contact information so that further discussion may be had, as well as a nice expression of thanks for the great proposal.

Dear Ms. Nash,

I am writing on behalf of ABC Company to let you know that we have accepted Acme Construction & Consulting’s proposal for our new expansion. Out of all the proposals we received, we felt that yours was closest to what we had in mind for our company and the most realistic in terms of reaching our goals in the allotted time. You may be interested to know that the proposal was unanimously agreed upon by our board of directors.

We would like to begin the project as soon as possible and look forward to meeting with you and receiving the necessary paperwork. To discuss this matter further, please contact me at your convenience at (555)-555-5555 or [email] We look forward to hearing back from you and will return any messages as quickly as possible.

We are greatly appreciative of all of Acme Construction & Consulting’s hard work and cooperation with us on this project. We are looking forward to continued cooperation with you as our business expansion becomes a reality. We thank you for your consideration in this matter and will be on the lookout for your prompt response.

Yours sincerely,

Avery Endsley

Avery N. Endsley


ABC Company