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Rejection Job Letter

Sometimes, an interview or interaction with a company convinces you that you are not the right fit for a job you have applied for. If you are offered this job anyway, you will need to write a rejection job letter. This letter informs your potential employer that you have chosen to decline the position. It serves as official notice that the employer should look at other candidates, and gives the opportunity for you to allow them to move on without burning any bridges.

Format and Content

The rejection job letter format should be short, succinct, and to the point. You should identify the position which you were offered in order to make sure that you are as clear as possible. You may also explain why you are turning down the job offer. This reason should be phrased as respectfully as possible. If you don’t want to explain the specific reason why you are turning the job down, you can cite personal reasons or explain that you no longer feel you are the best fit for the position. You should end with a sincere note of thanks to show that you appreciate being considered for the position. This will keep the door open for you in the future should you interview with the company again down the road.


The sample presented below is a hypothetical situation where a woman interviewed for a marketing position but chose to turn it down due to another opportunity. The actual turning down of the job in the rejection job letter sample occurs in the first paragraph, which is extremely important as you don’t want to meander for too long in getting your point across. The tone of the letter is factual but respectful, noting that it is an honor to be offered the position. Note that not many details are needed when it comes to the rejection reason – the company you are turning down doesn’t need to know everything. The important part is that they will now have to move on to another applicant.

Dear Mr. Arthurs,

Thank you very much for offering me the Director of Marketing position with King Street Marketing. I am very honored to be your choice for this position, but I regret that I must decline the offer as I have recently accepted a position with another company.

This was a very difficult decision for me to make, but I wanted to inform you of my decision as soon as possible to allow you to move on. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to interview with you and to discuss the opportunity.

I wish you the best of luck in continuing your search. Once again, this was not an easy decision to make, but I believe that it will be the best for everybody involved in the long run. Thank you once again.


Winona Whit

Winona White