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Resignation Letter Due to Schedule Conflict

If you have recently realized that there is a scheduling conflict with your work and another priority in your life, such as school, you will have to evaluate the situation and decide which commitment has to go. If you decide that you will drop your job, you need to write a formal resignation letter due to schedule conflict and send it in to your boss. This is a great way to assure your employers that you conduct yourself professionally and according to due process.

Format and Content

An official resignation letter due to schedule conflict format will represent you in a way that does not make you look unprofessional or unable to stick to a commitment. Let your employers know about the scheduling conflict right off, followed by the effective date for your resignation. If you will be leaving any unfinished projects, be sure to make note of any arrangements you may have made to resolve or transfer those. Leave your name, number, address and a nice thank you for their understanding and the invaluable experience you no doubt earned on the job.


Checking out an example of a professional resignation letter from someone else in the same situation as you should be helpful. This is a resignation letter due to schedule conflict sample from an employee whose new college class schedule is making it impossible to attend work as usual. She writes this formal letter to inform her employers that she will be stepping down from her job indefinitely until such a time as her schooling is finished or on a more workable schedule.

Dear Mr. Kelley,

I am just writing to let you know that I am resigning from my position at ABC Company due to a schedule conflict. As you may know, I have been working at ABC Company while simultaneously pursuing a bachelor’s degree. My class schedule has recently changed, making it impossible to attend university and work as usual. My last day at ABC Company will be July 8, 2014, so please accept this letter as my official one week notice of resignation. I hope you understand.

I apologize for any inconvenience that my resignation may cause to anyone at ABC Company. If there is any way I can be of assistance in transferring my responsibilities or selecting a replacement to take over my duties, please let me know. My telephone number is (555)-555-5555 and my email address is [email] I look forward to hearing from you.

I am glad to have worked at ABC Company even for a short time and will always be grateful for the valuable experience I have earned. I will miss all of my coworkers but know that my classes are important for my future. I wish ABC Company continued success and thank you for your understanding and patience with me during this time.

Yours sincerely,

Siobhan Green

Siobhan S. Green


ABC Company