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Retirement Letter of Appreciation from the President

A retirement letter of appreciation from the president goes a long way in thanking an employee for years of dedicated service. A personal acknowledgement from the leader is an ego booster and a fitting way to say farewell to a loyal employee. It should be used in addition to other farewell tributes as a professional courtesy and a thoughtful way to end the working relationship.

Format and Content:

This letter may be formal or informal, depending on the personal relationship between the president and the employee. The retirement letter of appreciation from the president format usually begins with an acknowledgment of the employee’s resignation, followed by comments that will make the employee feel valued and special. It may include specific examples of work-related accomplishments or generalized statements about the employee’s work ethic.


The following letter is from a company leader who has a high level of respect for the employee. The president mentions personality traits and working habits to let the employee know her work performance was worthy of leadership recognition in this retirement letter of appreciation from the president sample. The tone of the letter is professional, even though his use of her first name in the last paragraph suggests the two may have been friends.

Dear JoAnn,

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. Over the past 10 years, you have contributed greatly to our organization. Your position in the company is a critical one, and we will of course find another sales manager. However, finding someone as dedicated and loyal as you are will be a daunting task. I am happy for you, but sad for the loss to our organization.

I sincerely appreciate the level of service you have devoted to this company. Unlike some, who merely fill a role, you take your responsibilities seriously and give your all to getting the job done. Not only do you excel in every area, but you go the extra mile by helping others succeed as well. Your professionalism is unmatched in the company, as is your work ethic. You made my job easier by doing your job so well. I can honestly say you will be sorely missed.

I understand your last day with us will be August 15, 2013. Thank you for giving us a little extra time to fill your position. If possible, we intend to hire the new person by the first week in August. I hope this will give you the training time you need. Your willingness to help us through the transition period is greatly appreciated.

Again, congratulations JoAnn. You have truly earned your retirement. I hope you take some time and just enjoy a stress-free, work-free lifestyle for a while. But, knowing you, you will put your hands to good use in a volunteer role at some worthy organization. Good luck in whatever you pursue. I wish you all the best.


Howard Rowlings

Mr. Howard Rowlings


Bakers Services Inc.