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Retirement Letter to Clients

For some jobs, a decision to retire affects external and well as internal stakeholders. A retirement letter to clients is the professional way to end the working relationship. Help make clients comfortable with the change by notifying them in advance of the change and your specific plans to make the transition a smooth one.

Format and Content:

The specific retirement letter format will depend on company standards, preferences, and the nature of your relationship with the clients. A letter addressed to clients as a group is appropriate when the working relationship is strictly professional. For one-on-one relationships, such as a personal business coach, a letter addressed to each client is best. The content of the letter includes a statement of your intention to retire, the effective date, and what will happen to the client’s account after your departure.


This letter is addressed to Lee Jones, one of the many clients of Ms. Melody Swift, an account manager for Smith Sterling International. Ms. Swift reassures the client that his account will not suffer due to her retirement and then goes on to list the qualifications of her replacement. This retirement letter to clients sample can be easily modified to fit any industry and customized so it can be used for a group of clients with just a few changes.

Dear Mr. Jones,

This letter is to inform you that I will be leaving my position with Smith Sterling International, effective September 2, 2013. I have enjoyed working for this organization but the time has come to explore the benefits of retirement. I want to assure you that my leaving will not negatively affect your professional relationship with Smith Sterling in any way.

I have enjoyed working with you over the past 10 years. I have especially enjoyed watching Abby Products grow and thrive. I would like to think our product recommendations and procurement procedures helped your company on its road to success. I would like to thank you personally for allowing us to serve as your supply manager. Your trust in my abilities was personally and professionally rewarding.

Your account is very important to Smith Sterling International. After my departure, Lisa Kanton will become your new account manager. Lisa has been with Smith Sterling for over 6 years. She is well accustomed to handling multi-million dollar accounts. Lisa holds a master’s degree, with a specialization in international business and supply chain management. She is dedicated, focused and committed to finding and securing the best supply deals for all of her clients. I fully expect the transition of your account to Lisa to go smoothly; however, I think putting a face with a name will be beneficial for you both. I would like to introduce you to Lisa over lunch. Please let me know when you are available.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. You may also contact Lisa at (555)-555-5555, extension 23, or by email at [email] Again, thank you for being such a valued client. I look forward to retirement, but I suspect I will miss the challenge of helping companies like yours succeed in the international marketplace.


Melody Swift

Ms. Melody Swift

Business Account Manager

Smith Sterling International