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RN Resignation Letter

The purpose of a letter written when an RN resigns is to inform the supervising nurse or other employer that you will be leaving your position and the effective date should be included. Resigning from a job can be a difficult and emotional experience regardless of the reasons for the resignation. Whether you are leaving because of a bad experience or whether you are leaving on good terms it is best to write a congenial resignation letter.

Format and Content

A good RN resignation letter format should start by addressing your immediate supervisor or nurse administrator. It should state that the purpose of the letter is to announce your resignation. The letter should note the date your resignation will take effect as well as your last day on the job. It is polite to thank your employer for providing you with a job at the healthcare office or facility and you should provide your signature.


This RN resignation letter sample is for a nurse administrator and is written by an RN who is moving to another state due to her husband’s job transfer. She has worked in the surgical recovery room of a large medical center for 6 years and is leaving on good terms.

Dear Nurse Administrator MacArthur:

It is with sadness that I offer my resignation from my position as an RN in the surgical recovery room at XYZ Regional Health Center. My 6 years working in the recovery room have been extremely rewarding and I will miss each co-worker, physician and staff member on the floor. I greatly appreciate all I have learned from my superiors at XYZ Regional these last 6 years and I am confident the knowledge I have gained at this fine healthcare facility will serve me well throughout my medical career. My final day here at XYZ Regional will be the last day of the month. I am more than happy to spend the rest of the month helping to train a new nurse to take over my work in the surgical recovery room.

Although I am sad about leaving what has become my second home, I am very proud of my husband who has been accepted to the School of Advanced Military Studies at the United States Army’s Command and General Staff School at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. I have already applied for a position as a civilian RN at Munson Army Health Center on the base at Fort Leavenworth. I would greatly appreciate it if you would write a brief reference letter for me to send to the nurse administrator at Munson.

I want to thank you for all you have done for me these past 6 years, including organizing my bridal shower 5 years ago when I got married and my baby shower 2 years ago when our daughter was born. The support you have given me over the years is something on which I cannot put a price. I will always treasure every moment I have spent at XYZ Regional and all the wonderful people who have become my friends.


Violet Oliver

Violet Oliver