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Sarcastic Resignation Letter

If you are not leaving your job on very good terms, you may be very tempted to write an angry resignation letter dripping with sarcasm and contempt. Also this is understandable if your work conditions were very poor, you should exercise caution when writing a sarcastic resignation letter since it will go in your permanent file and possibly be considered as burning your bridges at that work place. If this is not a concern for you, here are a few tips for writing your letter.

Format and Content

Try following these tips for successfully constructing your letter. Using a sarcastic resignation letter format is no excuse to neglect proper grammar and spelling, so pay close attention to those. Start off by saying that you will be quitting the job, and why. Try to stay factual and concise even though you are upset. Finish off the letter by professionally signing and addressing it. Proofread it several times to be sure it is what you really want to send before you make a copy to hand over to your boss.


Here is a sarcastic resignation letter sample that does not overdo it or cross too many lines. This should be able to help you get a few ideas on how to write your own. The letter is from an overworked, stressed out employee who had to work in poor conditions for too long. He decided to write this letter to share how he really felt about the situation, rather than glossing over everything that happened.

Dear Ms. Houser,

It is with great gladness that I am finally announcing my resignation from ABC Company. Since I have finally gotten an opportunity to accept another job that will get me out of ABC Company, my resignation will be in immediate effect. Thankfully, I will not be coming back into work at all, but will fax over all necessary paperwork. I wish I could say I was sorry for leaving.

It probably does not come as a surprise that I am dissatisfied with my experience working for ABC Company, but I still plan to go through the necessary processes of resignation in order to minimize inconvenience for all parties. If you need to discuss this with me, feel free to leave me a message at (555)-555-5555 or [email] and I will try to get back with you.

Working at ABC Company has been an unfortunate waste of my time and I have never been happier to leave something behind. I just hope that my next job turns out a little better and is more likely to facilitate my reaching a few long-held career goals. Thanks for all of your lack of care and understanding over the years.


Finn Johnson

Finn R. Johnson


ABC Company