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Teacher Resignation Letter

A letter from a resigning teacher might be written voluntarily by someone who plans to pursue another career direction or it can be a forced resignation written by someone who will be fired upon refusing to resign. Either way, a resignation letter will go into an individual’s permanent file; therefore it is important that it be carefully and thoughtfully written. A resignation letter is not the right place to express angry feelings or vent hostility.

Format and Content

A teacher resignation letter format should not serve to burn any bridges regardless of the circumstances surrounding the resignation. The letter should state when the last day of teaching will be and the reasons for the resignation. The letter should express appreciation for the opportunity to serve the children at the school and leave the door open for a possible return to the school in the future if that is something the teacher might desire.


This teacher resignation letter sample is from a teacher who is having a baby over the summer. She has decided to resign her teaching position to stay at home with her baby for as long as possible; however the teacher may want to return to the school in the future.

Dear Principal Miller:

It is with mixed emotions that I tender my resignation effective at the end of this school year. I will be happy to go through the post planning period if that would be helpful to administration. As you know, my baby is due in July and, after considering all variables, my husband and I have decided that it would be in our baby’s best interest for me to stay home and be a full-time parent for as long as we can afford for me to do so. I would like to come back and teach at some point in the future as I am passionate about educating children; however for now I must focus on my own child.

Once you find a new teacher, please feel free to call me at home any time if I can help the teacher adjust to the classroom and children in any way. I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to teach the first graders at ABC Elementary School. I have immensely enjoyed the last 4 years in the class room with the children and I appreciate all the support I have received from you these past years. I hope to come by and visit with my new baby before school starts this fall and I will call you to arrange a convenient time.

I also want to thank you and the teaching staff again for the lovely baby shower you gave me last month. I have my nursery organized and all of my wonderful gifts are set up and waiting for the new baby’s arrival. I would like to stay in touch and attend some of the activities and events at the school in the next year such as the fall festival, the soccer tournament and field day. Thank you again for an amazing 4 years and I wish you and your staff all the best in the years to come.


Virginia Warren

Virginia Warren