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Termination Letter to Employer

Sometimes a person discovers that the job he or she does every day fails to meet personal or professional expectations. One way to end an unsatisfactory working relationship is by writing a termination letter to the employer.

Format and Content

A termination letter to the employer format is similar to that ofa resignation letter. It should contain the date written, the termination date, and the reason(s) why the employee is severing the employer- employee relationship. Write the letter in a way that reflects a positive and professional attitude. Do not include negative feelings, opinions, or stories unless they are required to explain why you are resigning from the company.


This termination letter to employer sample is written by a woman who feels her talents are being under-utilized. She mentions the implied promise of a promotion once she earned her marketing degree. The employee acknowledges that she has enjoyed working for the company but feels it is in her best interest to pursue another opportunity where she can use her talents and skills to the best of her ability.

Dear Mr. Spain,

This letter is to inform you that I am terminating my employment with your company, effective July 8, 2013. I did not make this decision lightly. Over the last two weeks, I spent a great deal of time thinking about the conversation we had during my employee appraisal review. Although I truly enjoy working at Maccabee and Roy, I feel it is in my best interest to pursue a position at an organization that will allow me to use my talent and skill sets to the best of my ability.

I acknowledged that I received a very high rating on my employee appraisal. I have earned very high ratings on every employee appraisal since I began working for your company 4 years ago. I was thrilled when you hired me as an assistant for Bill Swanson, the director of marketing. At the time, you encouraged me to pursuea bachelor’s degree in marketing communications. It was my understanding that when I earned this degree, I would be considered for a promotion within the company.

As you know, I received my degree in May 2010. Since that time, I have applied for 5 open positions in the marketing communications department. Although company policy states managers should promote from within whenever possible, each of these openings was filled by an outside candidate. In every case I more than met the qualifications for the position. In addition, I was led to believe I was the candidate of choice by hiring managers and the cross-functional selection committee.

In our interview you stated that I have become indispensable to Mr. Swanson. I have enjoyed working for Mr. Swanson over the years. However, I earned a degree in marketing to advance my career. I believe that you are satisfied with my performance and see no reason for me to vacate the position. I appreciate your approval but I am not content to use only a portion of my skills and abilities. I believe I have much more to offer than organizational ability. I hope you understand why I feel it is necessary to pursue other professional opportunities.


Janice Roy

Ms. Janice Roy