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Thank You Resignation Letter to Boss

If you have had a great working relationship with your boss, you probably want to do something to show him or her how much they mean to you when the time comes to leave your job. One thing you could do that is both nice and professional is to write a thank you resignation letter to boss. This is a great way to demonstrate your good will and thank your boss for his or her cooperation and understanding, and maybe even get a great reference for your next job.

Format and Content

Always type properly and formally to make your professional thank you resignation letter to boss format really stand out and shine. Open with your confirmation of the resignation date in the first paragraph, followed by your regrets for leaving. Make sure your boss has access to your contact information in case he or she would like to remain in touch with you beyond the workplace. Use your closing paragraph to express your gratitude to your boss for the job experience, opportunities, and everything that he or she has done for you during your work journey. Your boss will appreciate that you took the time to write down your feelings in a formal manner.


This project director at a large firm is very grateful for the experience, opportunities and cooperation she has earned at her job in this thank you resignation letter to boss sample. She hopes to remain friends with her boss and makes sure he knows how much she appreciates him. She remembers to be polite in her thankfulness but also businesslike at the same time.

Dear Mr. Williams,

I just wanted to confirm my resignation from my position as project director at Smith Communications. I am so thankful for my job there, but have recently decided to take my career in a different direction. My last day will be July 15, 2014, so it is with sadness that I give my two weeks’ notice of resignation from Smith Communications in hopes that you will understand.

I would be more than happy to work in advance to eliminate any inconvenience that my resignation may cause, and would like to discuss this with you if you would like to contact me at (555)-555-5555 or [email] Let me know as soon as possible if I am needed to work with a replacement.

Thank you so much for the wonderful patience and cooperation you have shown me during my time at Smith Communications. I regret to leave the great work environment but look forward to the future. I am thankful to have had this job opportunity and earn so much experience. I wish you continued success and hope to keep in touch with you in the future..

Yours sincerely,

Stephanie Gardner

Stephanie A. Gardner

Project Director

Smith Communications