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Volunteer Acknowledgment Letter

A volunteer acknowledgment letter is the best way to say thank you for time and effort donated. Volunteers that receive these letters are much likelier to volunteer their time and services in the future when these thoughtful letters are written. It is a great way to encourage future involvement and is one of the easiest ways to get free advertisement and support.

Format and Content

The volunteer acknowledgment letter format should have the writer’s name and basic information such as their address, name and phone number. The date should be stated at the top left hand side of the letter and volunteer details such as overall time volunteered, should be mentioned. The writer should also state if the volunteer was compensated for his or her time and services and if the compensation has tangible or non-tangible value.


This volunteer acknowledgment letter sample is for a small local running store, Bay Runner’s Shoe Store, for volunteering its staff of 5 persons. The staff volunteered to help organize and manage an annual fundraising 5-K race for the Lawrence Massachusetts community. The running store is family owned and operated. Each member of the family is an active runner and is heavily involved in community events.