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Volunteer Fire Department Resignation Letter

Although working as a volunteer fire fighter is not a paying job, it is still necessary to provide a formal letter of resignation in the event you are planning to leave the department for any reason. Some cities and counties do not have sufficient funds in their budgets for paid fire fighters; therefore they organize volunteer fire departments that are just as vital to the safety of the residents of the area as paid departments.

Format and Content

The volunteer fire department resignation letter format should include the effective date of the fire fighter’s resignation and should provide enough notice for a new volunteer fire fighter to be engaged and trained. In conjunction with a resignation, a volunteer firefighter should return all gear that was used while working in the department in excellent condition. Explaining the reason for the resignation is not required but is acceptable, and locating a new volunteer is helpful.


This volunteer fire department resignation letter sample is from a firefighter who volunteers with a local department, but also works part-time for an airline. He has secured a full-time job with another airline but must move in order to accept the position; therefore he is resigning from the volunteer fire department.

Dear Chief Cox:

It is with sadness that I must tender my resignation from the ABC Volunteer Fire Department effective September 30, 2013. I have been working for XYZ Airlines on a part-time basis, but have now found a full-time job with the airline. I must move to Houston to accept the full-time position with the ABC Airlines, and as I am in need of full-time work it was necessary for me to accept this position.

I want to say that it has been an honor working for the department with the other courageous individuals who make up the ABC Volunteer Fire Department. I have never known a finer group of people and count it as an honor to have worked alongside them to protect the residents of ABC City. Once I am settled in one of the suburbs of Houston I plan to seek a position with the volunteer fire department in my new home.

I greatly appreciate all of the training I received through the department in ABC City and feel privileged to have learned how to properly fight fires, use the equipment and handle medical emergencies involving individuals who suffer the effects of exposure to smoke and fire. In addition, I enjoyed tremendously the educational events in which I participated and helped teach young people in the public school system fire prevention techniques.

Thank you for allowing me to enrich my life through working as a volunteer at ABC. It is important to me to give back to the community regardless of where I live. As I plan to seek another position as a volunteer firefighter in the metropolitan Houston area, I would be grateful if you could provide me with a letter of reference. Please accept this letter of resignation and my gratitude for a memorable life experience.


Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson