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Youth Ministry Resignation Letter

There are many reasons that a youth minister may resign from a position at a church. Sometimes the minister may desire to return to school, to seek a higher paying job or even a secular job. Other times a youth minister position may be eliminated due to budget cuts or a downturn in the economy of the area. Whatever the reason, it is vital that a youth minister compose a thoughtful letter that expresses gratitude.

Format and Content

A youth ministry resignation letter format should begin by thanking the church leadership and congregation for the opportunity to work with the youth of the church. It is a good idea to offer a reason for leaving the position as youth ministers often become important to families and children in the church. The families should be given a reason for their youth minister’s departure and the resignation letter should be delivered to the senior pastor.


This youth ministry resignation letter sample was delivered to the pastor of the church and is addressed to the pastor, deacons and congregation. The youth pastor is leaving his position at the church to go back to school and pursue another degree in music ministry, one of his life’s goals.

Dear Pastor George, Deacon Board and Church Family:

It is with a saddened but grateful heart that I write this letter to you all in order to submit my resignation as head of the amazing youth ministry at ABC Community Church. During my 5 years serving as the youth pastor here at ABC I have come to know and love each and every child, teenager and adult at the church. The wonderful people of ABC Community have become my family and the church is home to me; therefore I am extremely sad to be moving on to the next chapter of my life as I return to school and continue my education in the area of music ministry.

I am exceedingly thankful to have had the honor and privilege to serve the church family at ABC Community for these last 5 years. The fact that the parents of our youth have allowed me into their lives and homes is something that is humbling to me and something for which I will be always be grateful. Many of you have said that I have had a tremendous impact on your children, but your children have had an even greater impact on me.

I will always cherish the day that I came home from college for the weekend with one of my best friends, Joshua Hood, and visited his home church, ABC Community. Almost immediately I felt that I had found a home among the kind and loving people here at ABC. I spent many more weekends visiting ABC and came to serve here as your youth pastor immediately following graduation from seminary.

The people make up a church and all of the people at ABC Community are amazing souls who love God and strive to serve Him every day of their lives. It has been an amazing life experience to serve alongside the pastor, associates, teachers and staff of ABC. God has worked in my life during these last 5 years and I believe I have grown and will continue to grow as I follow where God leads me all the days of my life. With gratitude and a cheerful heart I am

Sincerely Yours,

Troy Evans

Troy Evans