Business Thank You Letter

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There are several occasions on which you may want to write a business thank you letter. You might want to thank loyal customers for their continued business, thank employees for doing an exceptional job, or even thank another company for a service they provided you. Any time you feel that another person or organization has provided you with good service, loyalty, or even products that enhance your company, consider writing a business thank you letter.

The tips and sample below will help you write a business thank you letter that is professional and appreciated by the recipient.

1. Be as brief as possible. In any type of business letter, you want to convey your message in a concise manner that gets straight to the point. Use a friendly yet professional tone in your letter.

2. Type your business thank you letter. Even though it is a letter of thanks, never hand write it; type it on company letterhead, using basic fonts that are easy to read. Avoid trying to make your letter look fancy by using hard to read fonts or an over-abundance of bold or italics.

3. Summarize your reason for writing. In your introductory sentence, explain the purpose of your letter by summarizing why you are writing.

4. Remind the recipient of the occasion. Jog the recipient’s memory in your business thank you letter; explain briefly the occasion, service, customer loyalty or other reason so that they understand why you are thanking them.

5. Be prompt. Always write a business thank you letter within a week of receiving the service, product, etc. you are thankful for. Do not wait for weeks or even months; you are likely to forget to write, and the recipient will probably have forgotten about the situation by then.

6. Proofread your work. It is essential that you proofread your thank you letter before sending. Check to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors, and edit as necessary.

Sample Business Thank You Letter

Business or company letterhead


Recipient’s name


Company Name


City, State, Zip

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss) followed by last name,

The first sentence or two should briefly summarize or explain the reason you are thanking the recipient. For example, begin with “As CEO of Business Dynamics, I am writing to thank you for” and continue with your summarization. Mention the time period in which you received the service/product/etc.

In the main body of your business thank you letter, go on to briefly explain how the service/product/contribution affected your company, how it was used, how it raised awareness, helped generate new business, etc.

Express your gratitude for the support of your company, and explain briefly that you want to thank all who were involved or contributed in any way. Give your sincere thanks and appreciation, and explain that you look forward to a continued relationship with the organization.


Your name

Hand write your signature directly above the typed version. In general, this type of business thank you letter is suitable for corresponding with another business or organization. If you are thanking employees, simply leave the address off and address it in a more general manner.

The guidelines above will help you write a professional business thank you letter that is genuinely appreciated by the recipient.

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