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Cancellation Letter

Dear (name of recipient, if you know it – or – Sir or Madam),

Summarize why you are writing. State your name (same as account holder name) and that you wish to cancel account 123456 (your account number) effective immediately (or give date you wish to cancel). State that your letter serves as your request for immediate cancellation, and that you expect an expedient confirmation.

In the body of your cancellation letter, explain that you expect no further payments to be charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account. Include any pertinent details regarding your account that will help the recipient locate your account quickly. Explain that your obligation has been fulfilled.

Thank the recipient for their immediate attention to the matter, and for their time. Mention again that you will look forward to receiving a confirmation regarding your cancellation request.


Your name

Sign your name above the typed version of your signature. It is a good idea to send your cancellation letter via certified mail, so that you will know the recipient received it.

Proofread your cancellation letter several times, so that you are certain that account numbers and other important details are correct. This will prevent problems and possible delays in getting your account/membership cancelled.