Certification Letter

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A certification letter is generally written once an individual has completed a course or training of some type. Some businesses require a certification letter as proof that a potential job candidate has completed a course necessary for them to perform the job. This type of letter is written in a concise, professional manner so that it is easily understood by the reader. It is brief, stating only the facts relating to the certification.

A certification letter is a document the recipient may use many times in their life; it should be delivered promptly following completion of the course/training, and only to the individual who completed the course.

1. Keep it brief and professional. A certification letter is a professional document; it should be written in a concise manner containing only pertinent details such as the name of the course/training completed, time period of the course, and signature of valid signing authority.

2. Proofread the completed letter. Check the certification letter for correctness along with spelling or grammar errors. This is a document that may be kept in an employee’s personnel file, and used for various employment opportunities. It should be written in a professional manner.

Sample Certification Letter

Name and address of certified individual


Subject: Certification Letter

Dear (Mr./Miss/Mrs./Ms.) followed first and last name,

We want to express our appreciation for your participation in the ___________ (course name) that was conducted from ___________ (beginning date of course) to _____________ (ending date of course).

This certification letter is to inform you that you have successfully completed the course, and that you have been certified with ___________ (grade, marks, etc.) If the grade or mark for the course will be sent at a later date, state that fact in this area.

We wish to extend our congratulations, and hope that by attending this course/training you have achieved the knowledge you desire to enhance your future endeavors.

Best regards,

Signature of signing authority

Sign your name by hand above your typed signature. As you can see, a certification letter is very brief and contains only pertinent details. Avoid including irrelevant information, and write in a concise, professional manner.

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