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When you are engaging in correspondence, it is important to follow the correct letter format. Not everyone knows about the formalities of writing a letter and there are lots of different twists and turns to follow in order to write a decent formal letter. If you are in any doubt, then you can follow our correct letter format template below. Remember to try to block your writing into groups, and keep them all to the left hand side of the page, as follows:

Contact Details

Your Name


Zip Code

Phone Number

Email Address


Contact Details

Recipients name


Zip Code

Dear (insert contact and address by title or last name),

Paragraph 1: This should be an introduction to your letter and you can also introduce yourself in this section if the reader is unlikely to know you.

Paragraph 2: Here you should go into detail about your subject matter. Take the time to explain why you are writing and indicate what you hope to achieve through your letter.

Paragraph 3: Here you can reiterate what it is you are trying to say through your letter, and hopefully include a call to action for the person who is reading the letter. Sign off by thanking the reader for his or her time.



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