Employee Dismissal Letter

An employee dismissal letter, also known as an employment termination letter, is used to inform an employee that he or she is no longer employed by a company or business. A letter like this should be written by key members of a company and should be kept for records.

Format and Content

The employee dismissal letter format should include the effective date of dismissal and the reason for termination, along with information that details whether or not a severance package will be provided. It should also say if the employee is leaving on good or bad terms with the company. The writer should also give instructions if there is company property that needs to be returned.


This employee dismissal letter sample is written for Jack Strayer, a hardworking employee at the Atlanta Steel Company. He is an Assistant Floor Manager on the manufacturing floor where the company produces high-end steel products for construction companies and other industrial businesses. He is being let go due to an extended leave regarding a medical condition. While his medical condition is supposed to be taken care of shortly, the company he works for can no longer afford to have the Assistant Floor Manager in absence.