Donation Request Letter Format

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If you are looking for donations from independent people or companies then you are going to have to prepare a specific letter in order to make sure that you give your company the best chance of receiving a largely positive response when you send your letters out. To do this you need to closely follow a donation request letter format. Below, you will find a donation request letter format that you can use to guide you through the process.

Contact Information

Your Organisation


Zip Code

Phone number

Email Address



Contact Information

Name of recipient


Zip Code

Dear (insert last name)

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself, and explain that you work for a charity and tell the reader that you are looking for sponsorship and indicate why they have been contacted as potential donors.

Paragraph 2: Explain a little bit more about your organisation. Tell them who or what you help or support and what their money could be doing for your charity.

Paragraph 3: Give some more information about your organisation in terms of any events that you are holding to raise awareness, or anything else that crops up in your social calendar.

Paragraph 4: Explain how much funding is needed, and exactly what this amount of funding will be able to do. You can then ask for a specific donation from the reader. Finish by thanking the reader for their time.



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