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An email cover letter should read fairly similarly to a normal cover letter, but there are a few differences. To make sure you get it right you should always use an email cover letter format when you are putting your cover letter together. Creating an unprofessional email cover letter together is hardly the best start to a job application, so we would recommend you use our example of an email cover letter format to write your email cover letter. Also, be sure to include your resume as an attachment and make sure that this is titled ‘Resume your name’.

Subject: vacant (insert job title) position as advertised

Dear (insert last name of contact if you have it, or the position, such as ‘Hiring Manager’),

Paragraph 1: Indicate which post you are applying for and why you think you would be suitable for the post. You can use some of your experience and qualifications to back this statement up, but just touch on these.

Paragraph 2: Go into more depth about your previous experience and qualifications, mentioning specific roles and qualifications that are particularly well matched to the position advertised.

Paragraph 3: This should be a concluding paragraph where you thank your reader for their consideration and mention how keen you would be to be considered for interview.

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